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Credit Card Defense

Credit Card Settlement and Defense Attorney

Credit Card Settlement/Defense

Credit cards like to get paid. When they don’t, they let you know about it – calls, letters, emails, texts – all seemingly on your side to help you get back on track. But, all they want is money! I know we all want money, but credit cards want it just like a loan shark does. However, instead of breaking your legs, they break your bank account. All they want you to do is make a payment by phone -right now.

Why? Because the representative you are dealing with gets a bonus on any monies they get you to pay.

If you do not have a real way to pay off the credit card in a short amount of time, all you are doing is giving them your money to get off your back for a month. Your money will go mostly towards interest and is not paying down what you owe. Next month, they will call again.

Well at some point the dam is going to break and you will not be able to pay.

You then have four choices: make a payment by robbing Peter to pay Paul, ignore them, try to settle or my favorite, file bankruptcy. However, sometimes bankruptcy is not an option.

Making a payment when you do not have the money by shifting who you are paying is not a good idea (or is taking any retirement monies to pay your debts).

If you ignore them, they will send you to collections and will eventually sue you. That is when the fun begins! Credit cards do not win their lawsuits by saying you owe money. They win by actually proving you do. For a collection agency, that can be difficult. Heck, even for a credit card that does not send the account to collections it can be difficult.

When you fight a credit card law suit, the Law Offices of Gregory A Flood will put in a defensive answer and onerous discover demands (asking for actual proof of debt). All of this takes time. During this time, if they respond to our document demands we will evaluate you case for the success at beating it. While I would like to win every case, sometimes you just can’t, they have the goods. If they do, we let you know and try to see about settling the case. Most creditors will settle for 30-50% of what you owe and we try to work with your budget to settle the case while saving you money.

Other times, they just do not have the proof. When they don’t, we push the case to trial. Typically, when they do not have the proof, they fold and ask to dismiss your case never to bother you again.

So, if you are faced with credit card collections you just can not pay, contact the Law Offices of Gregory A Flood to see what we can do for you.

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